Petroleum Wholesale Licence

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take for the license to get approved?

Approximately for 4 months. 20 days of objection period and 90 days of application evaluation.

What are the requirements?

Company registration certificate

Certified IDs of Directors

Tax Clearance

Proof of Residence

Share Certificate

Share Register

Shareholder Agreement


Is land or infrastructure required to get a license?

No infrastructure or land needed.

How do I get started with the application process?

Request a Quotation

Sign it and send back to info@petroleumlicensing.co.za

What is the Petroleum Wholesale License?

License that allows you to buy and sell petroleum products (Diesel, LPG, Parrafin, Jet Fuel & Bio Diesel  ) in bulk to commercial clients

Whats the BEE requirement

25% Historically Disadvantaged South African Ownership 

What products does the license allow you sell?

Diesel, Paraffin, Jet Fuel, Petrol, Aviation Gasoline, Biodiesel, Liquified Petroleum Gas


Does the license expire?

Does not expire. 

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