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General Questions for Petroleum Wholesale License

How long does it take for license to get approved

It takes approximately 4 months for a license to get approved. The first 20 days are for Public review and 90 days for Application Evaluation.

What is the minimum requirement for application to be lodged?

Company Registration Certificate, Memorandum of Incorporation, BEE certificate, Share Certificate, Director/shareholder IDs. NB: All Documents should be certified.

What is BEE requirements or Black Ownership Percentage requirement?

25% Black Ownership.

is the infrastructure or land needed for license to be approved?

There is no infrastructure needed to be a supplier, only a tank is required to transport your product that you buy from refineries (Sasol, BP, Shell etc.) to your clients.

How to get started with the application?

Click on Apply Now & complete the form and will get back to you as soon as possible to kick start you application.

What of the success rate of your application?

100% Success Rate

May we kindly see your references?

About Our Services

Petroleum Wholesale

If you want to sell petroleum products to consumers for end use, you must apply for a wholesale licence from the Department of Energy.

The licence allows you to buy petroleum products in bulk (1 500 litres or more, per transaction of petroleum products) from a licensed manufacturer, and to sell it to end users.

The licence is valid for as long as your business operates.

Retail & Site License

You must apply to the Department of Energy for a site and a retail licence if you want to buy or sell petroleum products to members of the public via petrol filling station.

Please note: A retailer is allowed to purchase petroleum products from a licensed manufacture or wholesaler only.

The licence will be valid for as long as your business operate

Petroleum Manufacturing License

If you want to manufacture petroleum products, you must apply to the Department of Energy for a manufacturing licence.

A petroleum manufacturer’s licence allows you to manufacture petroleum products and sell them to any licensed wholesaler or licensed retailer, except for export purposes.

Please note: you may not manufacture a petroleum product without a manufacturing licence.

Environmental Authorisation

The construction of filling stations, including associated structures and infrastructure, or any other facility for the underground storage of a dangerous good, including petrol, diesel, liquid petroleum gas or paraffin. This activity is listed and requires Environment Authorization.

Construction of a filling station could cause groundwater pollution from leaking storage tanks. All filling stations have some amount of leakage, both from underground storage tanks and spillage on the ground. Containment measures to reduce the spread of the spill are needed eg berms and sandtraps.

An additional impact will be habitat loss due to construction

Other Supporting Services

Traffic Counting

Branding & Designs

Road Access


Feasibility Studies

Ecological Studies


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